• Plain Canvas Mask / 4 Sizes
  • Plain Canvas Mask / 4 Sizes


Plain Canvas Mask / 4 Sizes


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Canvas Mask (non-medical) 100% cotton mask.- 20 Color elastic options

- 1 med-thick layer of canvas, smooth bided edges

- Available in Petite(smaller adult face or female face), Normal (Average), Large, and XLarge

- 100% cotton

- Machine wash, air-dry to avoid shrinking.


Made in Alberta, Canada.

DISCLAIMER: Not appropriate for children under the age of 2. These masks are made as part of an effort to lower infection rates and combat medical supply shortage. These should never be used to replace medical grade protective equiptment where the situation requires. These masks have not been industry-tested or approved. The sale of these masks is not intended for medical purposes. As a result I do not make any warranties about the reliability or accuracy of this product. Using these masks as a substitute for medical grade equipment is strictly at your own risk.