Twisted Sisters..... same pattern, two different looks.

The beginnings of the distressed collecting is taking all kinds of visual turns. Each piece has turned out super cool and unique! Channeling the clothing as art, I'm working to take some fun, creative, ideas & concepts and make them work in  everyday styles.

 The black and pink tanks are snug fit the exact same pattern fit, the only difference is the hem of the pink tank is exposed giving it a bit more of the rustic vibe.

STYLING: pair any of the distressed collection tanks with your best fitting black or blue jeans since there is plenty of visual energy in the pieces to compensate for over accessorizing. So basically what im saying is... throw it on and don't worry about it! If you want to go over the top with jewelry, you can also play and have fun with that too, these styles are no-fuss. Pair these tanks with everything from boots, booties, to thong sandals. Experiment and just have fun. 

And if it turns out your not into either of these tones or colors, don't worry! More fun distressed pieces are on the way...