Distressed Collection... just getting started!!!

I've been having fun taking simple, every day styles and turning the into super cute & fun pieces of art. Every item in this collection is similar -but different! If you know what I mean. 

The tops have been distressed in batches for the same general looking outcome, ...which are ending up looking super cool! Fabrics bleed out different color lines as they are dyed, bleached, etc, so sometimes I am never exactly sure what the end result will be. For that reason, the unknown is a large part of how the visual magic of this collection comes into fruition. There is a major level of letting the unknown just 'happen', without much of my control- (Is it just me or does that sound like life currently lol). 

Anyways back to the tanks... 

I used a double layer of ultra-soft cotton/bamboo/spandex blend, to smooth and sculpt the body shape. Also for this reason, a double layer puts this tank on the thicker side. I love wearing the double layer in my tight tanks, I find it more comfortable, always feel safe and secure, snugly holding my body in. 

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